Ethereal items for season 24

Ethereals are new powerful items that will be available only during season 24. They are kind of tribute to Diablo 2 and based on D2 ethereal items. They can't be gambled or transferred (account bound) so you have to find them through grind. There are 21 ethereals, 3 for each class in game, and they have teal color and beam. Every ethereal has many powerful properties and also 1 random legendary power and 1 random passive power. They are relatively easy to find, has 1/100 chance to drop (statistically every 100th legend should be ethereal) - to compare ancients 1/10, primal 1/400. It's worth to find them all because of transmorgs. Due to smart loot and 15% chance to find item for other classes it is possible to find them all playing one character. Almost every build in game can profit from ethereals.