Black Rock Ledger

Ledger pages can be found on Stinging Winds in act 2. If you come across a miner digging next to the wreckage of the ship, approaching him will spawn exploding monsters. One of them kills miner, which drops random page of Black Rock Leadger. There are 6 pages with numbers 4,8,15,16,23,42, and the numbers refer to the numbers known from the TV series LOST. It's worth noticing that the first letters of each of the pages creates word DHARMA - known corporation from the same series. Leadger has no additional value and is useless - it's just a joke.
Page 4
"Damn, I always thought that being a first mate would be more exciting. I guess I shouldn't expect much from a mining expedition. Ever since we set off from Kingsport, all I've done is sit out on deck and watch the deckhands argue."
Black Rock Ledger Page 4
Page 8
"Haven't been able to get much sleep these past few days. Apparently my sea legs aren't as sturdy as i thought they'd be. I've vomited more times than I can count, and every time Captain Hanso offers me some ale, I have to come up with some excuse to decline."
Black Rock Ledger Page 8
Page 15
"After three straight days of this storm, I'm almost convinced that this ship has some sort of curse on it. Each week brings some new trouble that I have to deal with. I'm not sure what will give out first, the ship... Or me."
Black Rock Ledger Page 15
Page 16
"Reyes tells me that it was some colossal wave that did the ship in. I was down below when it all happened. Several of us survived the wreck. The rest of them have gone off to try and figure out where the hell we are, as if any of that matters."
Black Rock Ledger Page 16
Page 23
"Madness, complete bloody madness. The captain has disappeared into the desert somewhere, and the rest of the survivors are convinced there's some sort of monster after us. I'm starting to think the crewmen that died in the wreck got the easy way out, lucky bastards."
Black Rock Ledger Page 23
Page 42
"Alle anderen sind jetzt tot ... Ich bin der einzige, der noch übrig ist. Seltsame deformierte Kreaturen haben das Wrack angegriffen, in dem die meisten von uns geschlafen haben. Ich habe es geschafft, sicher davonzukommen ... aber ich kann es mir nicht vorstellen Ich kann sie hören ... In den Schatten kichern, so wie dies eine Art Spiel ist. "
- Erster Kumpel McMahon
Black Rock Ledger Page 42