Diablo 1 HD MOD - Belzebub

Belzebub is one of the gratest thing that happened to Diablo series in years. If you were Diablo 1 fan you'll have to check this mod which greatly expadns game and makes it playable again. It's incredible how many work author done. If you didn't play Diablo 1 yet it is great occasion. It's mandatory for every Diablo series fan.
This mod has been translated to Polish, Turkish, Czech, Italian, Portugees, French and Spanish.

Below you can read few of ingame changes:
  • Increased resolution and support for panoramic screens
  • Fully integrated with new windows systems
  • Many user interface improvements (extended character statistics)
  • 4 times bigger elixir belt
  • New hero classes Barbarian and Assassin
  • All quests which were missing from original game are now implemented
  • New difficulty level
  • New locations missing in original version
  • New special and randomly generated bosses
  • New NCP's in town
  • New spells
  • New character skills
  • New item types and affixes
  • Rebuilded weapon speed system
  • now you can have 2 weapon sets that can be changed during fight
  • 204 unique items
  • 28 sets with 105 set items
  • 170 crafting recipes and many ingridients
  • Great number of minor gameplay changes
  • And many more...
Great respect to author.

PLAY IT !!! You'll thank me later ;-)

More about Diablo 1 HD Mod Belzebub and recent version you'll find here http://diablo1.ovh.org/hd/.