Diablo 1 - The Hell i The Hell 2

The Hell and The Hell 2 are the best mods for Diablo 1, as the few also including the Hellfire addon. You can find in them what was the best of the original Diablo extended by the necessary functions that are standard in modern arpg games. The content of the game has also been significantly expanded by adding unfinished quests and 29 character classes, which differ significantly in the style of the gameplay. Difficulty levels have also been rebuilt and balanced and a completely new perk system has been added. The system of items has also been completely changed, the ability to wear gloves, shoes and belts, and 3 sets of weapons that can now deal damage from various elements have been added. Character statistics have also been expanded to include new properties, including new types of resistance. All bugs from the original game have been corrected, such as weapon speed affixes - now all weapons are combatable, not just the fastest. The game has, of course, been adapted to modern operating systems, you can play even in Ultra HD, and an additional soundtrack facilitates the extermination of monsters. Hundreds of changes make The Hell 2 especially a must-have for all fans of the first Diablo. Importantly, despite so many changes, the game has kept its atmosphere and is played exactly as it was years ago. If you have time to check only one mod, it should be The Hell 2.

The Hell

The Hell 1 is a playable Hellfire mod. Time-proven (in development since 2006), solid design, stability, rich content, immersive gameplay, true to Diablo 1 in every aspect and balanced near perfection. Confirmed to work with Diablo GOG version.

The Hell 2

The Hell 2 is a new Ultra HD mod for Hellfire (yes, it can run in 4K). It's released and keeps growing. Diablo 1 is more like art to author rather than just a game and he wanted to improve it in every way possible. TH2 offers a lot of content, features and fixes:
  • Based on Hellfire, it adds at least 50% more content than any other D1 mod: 24 basic dungeon levels and 19 new quest levels in Singleplayer mode.
  • New engine: support for ultra HD, wide screen, window modes, borderless, fullscreen, switching them on the fly (Alt + Enter), higher framerates (20/40/60/80 fps). Also, it's very stable, there are no freezes or crashes.
  • Functioning multiplayer (through Hamachi / Zerotier + IPX wrapper).: instanced and segregated loot, auto-gold pickups, dynamic difficulty (adjusts to number of players in-game)
  • ALL Diablo 1 bugs fixed. You can check DSF buglist on lurkerlounge if you dont trust it.
  • Darkened atmosphere of the game. More diabolic than original. Blood and Fire!
  • 29 new and changed classes to play: Summoners, Trappers, Fighters, Archers, Casters, Bombardiers.
  • A lot of content and modernized gameplay features: monsters, items, spells, shrines, colors, music, randomizations.
  • Rich options to configure: adjust the style of play to your own individual needs.
  • 4 game modes to choose from: Normal, Hardcore, Ironman and Nightmare (better balance than in Belzebub).
  • 3 weapon slots to alternate between. 3 new item slots: gloves, boots, belts.
  • Expanded inventory. 10x7 instead of just 10x4 now.
  • Unique gameplay mechanics added. Tons of new quality of life features.
  • Faster movement in the town and dungeons.
  • And many more...
Great respect to author.

PLAY IT !!! You'll thank me later ;-)

More about Diablo 1 The Hell and recent version you'll find here https://www.patreon.com/thmod.