Difficulty levels - Diablo 3 - Patch 2.6.5

Season 17+

GRMonster healthMonster damage+ XP+ GoldLeg. dropLeg. (rift)Death's BreathGR keyCache matsCache legsMachine dropOrgan drop
HardGR1200%130%75%75%0%25%18%2nd 5%310%--
ExpertGR4320%189%100%100%0%25%21%2nd 10%310%--
MasterGR7512%273%200%200%0%25%25%2nd 15%310%--
T1GR10819%396%300%300%15%44%31%2nd 20%610%50%1
T2GR131 311%575%400%400%32%65%37%2nd 25%650%75%2nd 10%
T3GR162 097%833%550%550%52%90%44%2nd 31%660%90%2nd 25%
T4GR193 355%1 208%800%800%75%119%53%2nd 38%675%100%2nd 50%
T5GR225 369%1 752%1 150%1 150%101%151%64%2nd 44%690%2nd 10%2nd 75%
T6GR258 590%2 540%1 600%1 600%131%189%75%2nd 51%6100%2nd 20%2nd 90%
T7GR3018 985%3 604%1 900%1 850%164%236%90%2nd 60%82nd 5%2nd 30%2
T8GR3541 625%5 097%2 425%2 150%205%295%2nd 15%2nd 70%82nd 15%2nd 40%3rd 10%
T9GR4091 260%7 208%3 100%2 500%256%369%2nd 25%2nd 80%82nd 25%2nd 50%3rd 25%
T10GR45200 082%10 194%4 000%2 900%320%461%2nd 50%2nd 90%102nd 50%2nd 60%3rd 50%
T11GR50438 669%14 416%5 000%3 350%400%577%2nd 90%2122nd 65%2nd 70%3rd 75%
T12GR55961 759%20 387%6 400%3 900%500%721%3rd 12%3rd 12%142nd 80%2nd 80%3rd 90%
T13GR602 108 607%28 832%8 200%4 500%625%901%3rd 25%3rd 25%1622nd 90%3
T14GR652 889 383%40 775%10 500%5 200%781%1126%3rd 75%3rd 75%183rd 25%3rd 25%4th 25%
T15GR706 334 823%57 664%13 400%6 050%977%1408%4th 5%4th 5%203rd 50%3rd 75%4th 75%
T16GR7513 888 770%64 725%17 000%7 000%1221%1760%4th 50%4th 50%223rd 80%4th 25%4

* "2nd 15%" means there is a 100% for one drop and 15% chance for a second drop.

There are 20 levels of difficulty in Diablo 3. Each level of difficulty has a corresponding level of Greater Rift and increases the chances of finding more treasure. Starting the game in the new season, the U1 level is quite a challenge, so it is best to play at the Expert level. It is not worth choosing the Master level, because in comparison to the Expert, the increase in experience is not adequate to the increase in health points of monsters (health increases by 192%, and experience only by 100%). Also playing normal Rifts the differences in the chance for death breaths are slight between the two levels. However, compared to Hard at Expert level, monster health increases by 120%, and experience only by 25%. Leveling the new character get as quickly as possible to the levels of Torment, because only there appear legendary items, machines, organs and the chance of falling out of the imperial jewels. When dooing bounties, it is worth paying attention to the amount of materials from the boxes - it is optimal to play on the levels of Torment 1, Torment 7 or above Torment 10, because these are breakthrough points, where the amount of materials increases, especially at lower torments. In turn, playing in rifts, it is worth striving as quickly as possible for Torment 8, in order to be able to obtain a second death breath, and then to Torment 11, to receive two keys to Greater Rift. When choosing the level of difficulty, it is worth remembering not to exaggerate too much, because it may turn out that the level or two below will have you kill the monsters much faster, making the total drop per hour higher.
Optimal levels for activity:
  • Bounties: Hard, T1, T7, T10 and higher
  • Rifts: Hard, T1, T8, T11, T12, T15, T16
  • Greater Rifts: higher then better
  • Machines: T1, T4, T14, U16
  • Organs: T1, T2, T7, T8, T13, T16