Ramaladni's Gift

Ramaladni's Gift is a unique cube added in patch 2.1 that can fall randomly from killed enemies. The chance to find it is small so it is best to repeatedly pass high levels of Deep Crevices. Thanks to Ramaladni's Gift, we can add a socket to each weapon without consuming a standard affix for that purpose. So in short, we get an additional affix of weapons, which is a nest for jewels or legendary glue. To use Ramaladni's Gift, right-click on the cube and then on the weapon you want to modify. Of course, the weapon can no longer have a slot - if it is, you need to re-set it to something else. Most often the original affix of the socket turns into + 10% dps, but it depends on the build you are playing. The use of the Gift makes it easier to roll the weapon, because after using it you can no longer draw a slot. You can use the Gift on the weapon only once - you can not add two sockets. You can hold up to 100 cubes in one inventory rack. An unidentified Gift is called a "Single Item". In the city, you can sell it for 576 gold. Unfortunately, the cube has no other use and nothing else can be done with it, which means that after finding the first 5 pieces in the season, it loses its value.
"After many years of learning from the greatest blacksmith masters among the barbarian tribes, Ramaladni finally returned to the West March. "Friends", he said to his companions,"I have only one word for you: sockets!"