Seasonal leveling guide 1-70 lv

  • in the week preceding the start of the season, do not perform the Challenge Rift. Wait for the season to start and only then complete the weekly challenge - only in this way will you receive the inbox for completing the seasonal character. This way you will receive close to 4.6 m of gold, 15 materials from all acts, 475 shards, 35 death breaths, 100 yellow mats and 300 white and blue. Thanks to this, you can easily eliminate the blacksmith and the enchantress. Depending on the character you play, the box pays to open only at a specific level, e.g. Demon Hunter from level 30 can draw only 2 legendary quivers from Kadala, one of which is Sin Seekers, giving a huge damage bonus. To find out at what level a given item falls, use the tool,
  • the box from weekly challenges is even more important as it will allow you to easily acquire powerful weapons at higher levels. Thanks to the quick unlocking of higher levels of the blacksmith, we can for example forge a good 70 lv weapon on 40 lv and reroll affix to lower level requirements at enchantress. It is worth noting that if the weapon has, as a secondary affix, any kind of freezing, stunning etc. then it is not worth rolling it, only the second one - because the weapon cannot have two crowd control affixes, we roll from a smaller pool of available affixes. In this way, even at 40 lv we can have a weapon with 70 lv, which greatly simplifies the whole process and allows you to play at levels of Torment,
  • after starting the game for 1 lv, do not forget to hire a Templar and take his weapon (he has a higher dps than yours),
  • don't forget to choose a pet too - it will help you collect gold,
  • for 1 lv, on Master difficulty level, look for a quest for Zoltun or Mahda - killing the boss and opening the chest will give you a good start after 3 items and a considerable increase in experience,
  • if possible, wear a ruby in your helmet - +%XP,
  • until you reach 70 lv in a weapon it is more profitable to wear a ruby than an emerald, due to the low chance of critical hits,
  • for 8 lv you can forge the first 2h weapon at the blacksmith, which should give a significant increase in damage,
  • from 7 lv, rings are available from one of the traders (the best ones are + damage or possibly + to the main attribute). NOTE - there is such a merchant in each act and has a different offer, so check everyone,
  • you can buy an amulet from level 10 onwards,
  • if you come across Leoric's Signet during leveling, remember that it gives you a bonus to experience,
  • because below 70 lv there is often a problem with maintaining the basic resource, it is recommended to use two-handed weapons (higher damage is more important than speed),
  • as soon as you find the first legendary item that you don't want to wear, but with useful power remember to get the Canai Cube (thanks to the weekly crate you can easily gain legendary power),
  • choose the appropriate level of difficulty that will give you the most XP/h - more on this topic on the subpage Difficulty Levels,
  • because the materials from the baounties we have from the Challenge Rift, all leveling is best done on regular rifts - additional XP and gold for completion, a greater chance for legendary items,
  • if you have the opportunity to play in a group - the more people the easier and more XP.

Interesting strategies that require luck:

  • because from the crate from Challenge Rift we receive as many as 35 death breaths, it is worth upgrading fully the blacksmith (2 death breaths) and forging a rare weapon or item into left hand, in Kanai's Cube for 25 death breaths upgrade it to the legendary, and then acquire its power to cube for 5 breaths. Thanks to this, practically from the beginning we have great power available, which can significantly increase the damage inflicted, e.g. Demon Hunter can get only one of two daggers and both have great powers. If the item has unnecessary power, but is ancient, you can try to reroll it instead of Rare in accordance with the second tip - ancient legendary items may have reduced their level requirements from 30 to 40 lv.
    Items for classes and chances for a good item:
    • Necromancer - 2h scythe - 100%
    • Demon Hunter - dagger - 100%
    • Witch Doctor - mojo - 20%
    • Wizzard - 1h wand - 25%
    • Barbarian - 1h mighty weapon - 30%
    • Monk - 2h daibo - 25%
    • Crusader - crusader shield - 23%
  • do not open a box from the Challenge Rift up to lv 34. At 34 lv you can draw Custerian Wristguards for shards from the box at Kadala, which give you experience points for gold. For 4.6 kk gold from the box you can get a promotion of approx. 10 lv,
  • you can try to use the shards at Kadala for an amulet Squirt's Necklace, which gives a huge bonus to damage, but we only have 4 chances (475 shards) and due to the increased damage recived it is a strategy rather on SC.

How to level next characters in the season:

It's best to level the Gem of Ease to the highest level, place it in your weapon and ask your friend for help. The friend does the usual rift, and you wait safely at the entrance. If this is not possible, then place the leveled Gem of Ease in the weapon with the highest dps (preferably ancient 2h) and finish rifts yourself at higher levels. Do not forget to distribute paragon points.