How to find Revenant Archer champion/elite

A Revenant Archer is a monster that appears, inter alia, in the Westmarch Commons. Finding a rare version of this monster is not a major problem - just run through the location several times. The challenge is to find its elitist version. In version 2.0.x of Reaper Of Solus, unfortunately, the elite of the lively archer appears only in one difficult to find place.
Revenant Archer - Czempion Revenant Archer - Czempion
Starting from patch 2.2.1, the elite are already appearing in the Westmarch Commons.


The monster in the above form can appear only in the Westmarch Commons in the place visible in the picture. In order to find the mentioned elite, one must unfortunately find a micro event. It is triggered by opening the Dazzling Box in a dead end which resembles the letter "L". After opening the above chest, a few normal Animated Archers will appear, going on to the next few, and returning to the larger area (to the right of "L") the whole mass. Only in this larger area appears the elite.
Revenant Archer Location Map Revenant Archer Location Chest

Additional information

The level of difficulty does not affect the occurrence of the event.