How to Run Diablo 1 on Windows 10

If you are the owner of the original version of Diablo 1 then most likely you have a problem with running it on new operating systems. Unfortunately, switching options in compatibility modes will not work and in the best case you will be able to run the game, but you will return to the desktop quite quickly. Problem occurs because of DirectDraw libraries (part of DirectX) that are responsible for displaying 2D graphics using hardware acceleration. Just upload the patch to the above libraries. The whole process is very simple and requires no special knowledge. First install Diablo 1, then download two files: Downloaded files should be placed in the game directory - by default C:\Diablo. The first time you run diablo.exe, the game will start in the window mode. After starting a new game, press the ~ key (tilde) and the DirectDraw configuration menu should appear, where you can change resolutions, full screen mode and VSync.
Diablo 1 on Windows 10
That's all!
The above method works for all versions of Diablo 1 including the Hellfire add-on.