Unique monsters list in act 2

Alphabetical list of unique monsters in act 2.
Name Description Location
Agustin The Marked Carrion Scavenger Shrouded Moors
Ancient Guardian Horadric Mage Construct The Forgotten Ruins
Ashangu The Summoner Dahlgur Oasis
Ashek Diminutive Fallen Fighter Black Canyon Mines
Avatar of Rakanishu Fallen Demigod Dahlgur Oasis
Axabra The Blood-Borne Temple of the Firstborn Level 1
Bain Keeper of Vessels Temple of the Firstborn Level 1
Balzhak Bane of the Desert Stinging Winds
Barty the Minuscule Tiny Murderer Stinging Winds
Bashiok Death Is Not The End Dahlgur Oasis
Belial Lord of Lies Imperial Palace
Beyatt The Elusive One Stinging Winds
Blarg the Imp Frenectic Fiery Creature Desolate Sands
Blood Thief Fate Peddler The Unknown Depths
Bloodfeather Winged Desert Predator Desolate Sands
Bonesplinter The Savage Fist Road to Alcarnus
Bradshaw the Behemoth Ruined Cistern
Bramok the Overlord Unmerciful Slavemaster Dahlgur Oasis
Charged Sentinel Singer of Surges Realm of Shadow
Defender of Legacy Dungeon Of Roland's Legacy
Defender of Might Dungeon Of The Might Of The Earth
Dervish Lord The Bonetaker Hadi's Claim Mine
Ekthul Wormfeast Abandoned Cellar
Elizar Bathory Bathed in Blood Temple of the Firstborn Level 1
Erach The Dunethrasher Stinging Winds
Ernutet Guardian of the Veiled Treasure Desolate Sands
Eternal Guardian Dark Horadric Construct Soulstone Chamber
Fezuul Master of Bone Dahlgur Oasis
Flesh of Nar Gulle The Diseased Husk Sewers of Caldeum
Frost Sentinel Spiritbane Realm of Shadow
Fuad the Cannibal Terror of the Wastes Fuad's Cellar
Gart the Mad Maniacal Fallen Master Howling Plateau
Gavin the Thief Plaguebearer Hidden Aqueducts
Gelatinous Sire Nefarious Promulgator The Unknown Depths
Gem Hoarder Shen's Bane The Unknown Depths
Gentle Old Claudio Shrouded Moors
Ghas The Shadowclaw Abandoned Mineworks
Ghezrim The Bone Flayer Stinging Winds
Gilded Baron Fixated by Shiny Things The Unknown Depths
Goz'turr the Torturer Reaper of Pain The Wretched Pit
Graveljaw the Devourer Lord of Worms Deserted Cellar
Graw the Herald Fallen Harbinger Stinging Winds
Grool Bloodthirsty Mangler Eastern Channel
Gryssian Whisperer of Nightmares Dahlgur Oasis
Guardian of Finery Dungeon Of Firebird's Finery
Gun'toth Vessel of the Inheritors Temple of the Firstborn Level 1
Hazzor the Viper The Sibilant Sewers of Caldeum
Hellscream The Render The Unknown Depths
Hematic Father Feldman Ambassador of Blood Shrouded Moors
Hemit the Feared Brutal Fallen Overlord Howling Plateau
High Cultist Murdos Cruel and Powerful Cult Acolyte Alcarnus
Hurax Siphoner of Souls Deserted Cellar
Innas Guardian Dungeon Of Inna's Mantra
Inquisitor Hamath Dark Coven Interrogator Stinging Winds
Jacobs the Gigantic Ruined Cistern
Jhorum the Cleric Coven Blood Scribe Alcarnus
Kamyr Stalker of the Shadows City of Caldeum
Khaaz Deadly Serpent Fighter Sewers of Caldeum
Khahul the Serpent Lord of Scales Dahlgur Oasis
Leodesh the Stalker Harbinger of Pain Dahlgur Oasis
Lupgaron The Howler King Shrouded Moors
Mage Lord Caustus Guardian Lord of Poison The Storm Halls
Mage Lord Flaydren Guardian Lord of Lightning The Storm Halls
Mage Lord Ghuyan Guardian Lord of Fire The Storm Halls
Mage Lord Misgen Guardian Lord of Blood Vault of the Assassin
Mage Lord Skomara Guardian Lord of Frost The Storm Halls
Maghda Leader of The Coven Lair of the Witch
Malevolent Tormentor Spiteful Sprite The Unknown Depths
Manning the Monstrous Ruined Cistern
Menagerist Goblin Napper of Pets The Unknown Depths
Molten Sentinel Bloodthrasher Realm of Shadow
Monstrous Dune Thresher Bane of the Dunes Stinging Winds
Moontooth Dreadshark The Shadowswimmer Sewers of Caldeum
Mundunogo Bad Medicine Chieftain Dahlgur Oasis
Nine Toads Terror Of The Borderlands Desolate Sands
Ningish The Deathstormer Sewers of Caldeum
Odious Collector Purloiner of Fine Things The Unknown Depths
Otzi the Cursed Infected Creature of Death Western Channel
Pazuzu The Bladespinner Desolate Sands
Plagar the Damned Brutish Accursed Desolate Sands
Protector of the Light Dungeon Of The Seeker Of The Light
Raiha the Vicious Swiftness of a Cat Desolate Sands
Rainbow Goblin The Unknown Depths
Rathma's Furnace Dungeon Of The Bones Of Rathma
Raziel The Dark One Sewers of Caldeum
Razormouth Terror of the Sand Black Canyon Mines
Regreb the Slayer Warlord of the Fallen Stinging Winds
Rockgut Deadly Stone Behemoth The Unknown Depths
Saha the Slasher Infected Terrifying Claws Howling Plateau
Samaras the Chaser Heart of the Storm Stinging Winds
Sammash Coven Thug Alcarnus
Sardar The Soulless One Tomb of Sardar
Scar Talon Foul Winged Terror Dahlgur Oasis
Seanus Greyback Whitefur Alpha Shrouded Moors
Servant of Arachyr Dungeon Of The Spirit Of Arachyr
Shade of Nar Gulle Shadow of Vengeance Sewers of Caldeum
Shaitan the Broodmother Great Maker Desolate Sands
Shatterbone Acolyte of Torment Road to Alcarnus
Shondar the Invoker Master of the Threshold Alcarnus
Sokahr the Keywarden of Putridness Wielder of the Restless Wind Dahlgur Oasis
Spirit of Khan Dakab Malevolent Ghost Tomb of Khan Dakab
Ssthrass The Sliverbolt Dahlgur Oasis
Stinging Death Swarm Relentless Cloud of Pain Western Channel
Taros the Wild Vicious Lacuni Huntress Howling Plateau
The Archivist Dark Lorekeeper The Unknown Depths
The Tomekeeper Dark Scribe Realm of Shadow
Theodosius Jordan Gatekeeper The Sacred Path
Thrum Giant Stone Mauler Realm of Shadow
Thugeesh the Enraged Maniacal Berserker The Unknown Depths
Torsar Storm of the Desert Dahlgur Oasis
Treasure Goblin The Unknown Depths
Treasure Pygmy Dahlgur Oasis
Treasure Seeker Desolate Sands
Tridiun the Impaler Lance of the Vixyx Dahlgur Oasis
Unhallowed Champion Dungeon Of Unhallowed Essence
Vidian Lord of Envy Sanctum of Blood
Vile Sentinel Pestilent Infector Realm of Shadow
Wargiant Brute of the Coven Stinging Winds
Yakara Savage Serpent Warrior Eastern Channel
Yeth Hound of Pestilence Road to Alcarnus
Zoltun Kulle Dark Horadrim Soulstone Chamber