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PL: Zoltun Kull
DE: Zoltun Kull

Zoltun Kulle

Bounty: Zoltun Kulle
(Dark Horadrim)

Zoltun KulleZoltun Kulle

He's part of fastest bounty to finish in game. During fight he's protected by two Eternal Guardian. Fourth of 5 bosses in act two of campaign and one of 3 to be killed as part of the adventure mode bounties. Tougher version of him is boss of infernal machine The Undying One fighting alongside The Savage Behemoth. Rift guardian Sand Shaper is Zoltun Kulle variant.
Zoltun Kulle is located in act 2 and can be found in Soulstone Chamber location. In Diablo 3 present from 1.0.8, 2.0.1 version. On the same map are other unique monsters such as Sand Dweller Eternal Guardian (Dark Horadric Construct). It appears in the form of bounty called "Kill Zoltun Kulle" in the location Soulstone Chamber in act 2.

How to find Zoltun Kulle in Diablo 3:

Follow the questline in act two.
Act: 2
Location: Soulstone Chamber
Appearance: Quest
Boss: Yes
Game mode: Campaign/Adventure mode
Can be found as bounty: Yes
Bounty name: Kill Zoltun Kulle
Other unique monsters in same location: Sand Dweller Eternal Guardian (Dark Horadric Construct)
Found in version: 1.0.8, 2.0.1
Other bosses in act 2:
- Belial - location (Lord of Lies)
- Gavin the Thief - location (Plaguebearer)
- Maghda - location (Leader of The Coven)
- Shatterbone - location (Acolyte of Torment)


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