(Content concerns vanilla D3 and was written long before ROS)
After doing all achi, 1kkk on account, finding decent legendary item, 100 paragon, finding 2 legendary items from one elite etc. I decided to find all known unique monsters in Diablo 3. Getting paragons is so boring that it requires to organize yourself some goals :) After almost 300 hours of running Speed Monk, many censored words and many sleepless nights I publish for you screenshots of monsters. All together 269 unique monsters in majority also from close camera. You probably know how hard it is to finish achi "unique Collection" with 82 monsters. Without any help I found all 269. In game itself I didn't spent even one euro and that makes me most happy. Apogee of annoyance of random appearance was Shandra'Har, I needed to do nearly 1000 runs ... grrr. Was the time spent on that worth it? Depends on who likes what ...

BIG THX for Saiyan#2547 and Voidcaster#2915 for mental support in moments of doubt.

Greetings, AnDre#2616

Few nice moments in game:
First legendary item.
First set item.
First set item with aura.
First legendary item with aura.
First key.
First Echoing Fury.
First useful rare item.
First Hellfire Ring. + Fifth craft effect.
First time 2 legendary items on same map.
First Spectrum.
First time 2 legendary items from one elite.
First item sold above 100kk.
First unique plan.
100% achi :)
First time key + legendary item from Keywarden.
First useful legendary item - Lacuni Prowlers.
First 1kkk on account.
First Horadric Hamburger.
Second 100 paragon.
First legendary item in PTR 2.0.1 - Warzechian Armguards.
Best found ring.
First Mempo with cc.