PL: Vekriss
DE: Vekriss


(Sworn of Dirgest)

Vekriss is located in act 5 and can be found in Unearthed Ruins Level 2 location. In Diablo 3 present from RoS version and is Warscarred Ravager type of monster. There are also other unique monsters of Warscarred Ravager type in the game - Emberdread (Walker Of The Burning Pitch) in Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier location, Volux the Forgotten (Demon Lord) in The Crag of Eternity location, Borgoth (The Lost Demon) in Realm Of The Banished location, Zanthek (Prisoner) in Pandemonium Fortress Level 1 location, Rogoth The Eternal in Occupied Ruins location, Keeper Hashemel in Infested Ruins location, Thilor (Master Of The Ram) in The Siege Outpost location, Emikdeva (The Prisoner) in Battlefields of Eternity location, Korchoroth (Siege Runekeeper) in Battlefields of Eternity location, Belphegor (Siege Runekeeper) in Path of War location.

How to find Vekriss in Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls:

Search whole location.
Act: 5
Location: Unearthed Ruins Level 2
Appearance: Random
Monster type: Warscarred Ravager
Other unique monsters of type Warscarred Ravager: Belphegor (Siege Runekeeper) [Path of War], Korchoroth (Siege Runekeeper) [Battlefields of Eternity], Emikdeva (The Prisoner) [Battlefields of Eternity], Thilor (Master Of The Ram) [The Siege Outpost], Keeper Hashemel [Infested Ruins], Rogoth The Eternal [Occupied Ruins], Zanthek (Prisoner) [Pandemonium Fortress Level 1], Borgoth (The Lost Demon) [Realm Of The Banished], Volux the Forgotten (Demon Lord) [The Crag of Eternity], Emberdread (Walker Of The Burning Pitch) [Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier]
Game mode: Campaign/Adventure mode
Found in version: RoS
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