PL: Urzael
DE: Urzael


Bounty: Urzael
(Harbinger Of Death)


First of 3 bosses in act five of campaign and also can be killed as adventure mode bounty. Fight with him has two phases.
Urzael is located in act 5 and can be found in Tower Of Korelan location. In Diablo 3 present from RoS version. It appears in the form of bounty called "Kill Urzael" in the location Tower Of Korelan in act 5.

How to find Urzael in Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls:

Follow act 5 storyline.
Act: 5
Location: Tower Of Korelan
Appearance: Quest
Boss: Yes
Game mode: Campaign/Adventure mode
Can be found as bounty: Yes
Bounty name: Kill Urzael
Found in version: RoS
Other bosses in act 5:
- Adria - location (The Witch)
- Malthael - location (The Angel of Death)

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