Unique monsters - Act 1 >> Tortured Soul
PL: Udręczona Dusza
DE: Gemarterte Seele

Tortured Soul

(The Doom Scholar)

Tortured SoulTortured Soul

Monster quite easy to find because of characteristic location (Lykeion) at Southern Highlands. Monster connected to The Crumbling Tower (Kill Tortured Soul) event.
Tortured Soul is located in act 1 and can be found in The Lyceum location. In Diablo 3 present from 1.0.8 version and is Dark Zealot type of monster. There are also other unique monsters of Dark Zealot type in the game - Hematic Father Feldman (Ambassador of Blood) in Shrouded Moors location, Theodyn Deathsinger (Divine Evil) in Leoric's Hunting Grounds location.

How to find Tortured Soul in Diablo 3:

Select Highlands Crossing checkpoint and go north to Southern Highlands. Check north-east part of map with changable location. If Lykeion didn't appear go back to town and restart game.
Act: 1
Location: The Lyceum
Appearance: Event
Monster type: Dark Zealot
Other unique monsters of type Dark Zealot: Theodyn Deathsinger (Divine Evil) [Leoric's Hunting Grounds], Hematic Father Feldman (Ambassador of Blood) [Shrouded Moors]
Game mode: Campaign/Adventure mode
Found in version: 1.0.8
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