Unique monsters - Act 1 >> The Old Man
PL: Starzec
DE: Der alte Mann

The Old Man

(Rooter of Corpses)

The Old ManThe Old Man

Monster quite easy to find because of characteristic location at Fields of Misery. He spawns after opening chest.
The Old Man is located in act 1 and can be found in The Secluded Grove location. In Diablo 3 present from 1.0.8, 2.0.1 version and is Wood Wraith type of monster.

How to find The Old Man in Diablo 3:

Select Fields of Misery checkpoint and check entire map, if location didn't spawn go back to town and restart game.
Act: 1
Location: The Secluded Grove
Appearance: Event
Monster type: Wood Wraith
Game mode: Campaign/Adventure mode
Found in version: 1.0.8, 2.0.1
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