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Soul Harvest

Ancient Ethereal Scythe
Account Bound

+[75-100]% Damage
+[825-1000] Intelligence
+[110-130] Resistance to All Elements
Critical Hit Damage Increased by [51-100]%
Critical Hit Chance Increased by [7.0-10.0]%
+100% damage to all Necromancer skills
Reduces cooldown of all skills by [7.0-10.0]%
+[45-50] Maximum Essence (Necromancer Only)
Ignores Durability Loss
Consecutive hits to enemies increases attack speed by 3%, up to 30% for 3 seconds

+1 random legendary power
+1 random passive power

The immaterial haft still bears the inscription: "The field is ripe for the harvest, and both the reaper and the reaped hereto serve the cycle."