Unique monsters - Act 1 >> Merrium Skullthorn
PL: Merrium Cierniczerep
DE: Merrium Schädeldorn

Merrium Skullthorn

Bounty: Merrium Skullthorn
(Plagued Skeletal Fighter)

Merrium SkullthornMerrium Skullthorn

Monster easy to find because of quite small location - Cathedral Level 2.
Merrium Skullthorn is located in act 1 and can be found in Cathedral Level 2 location. In Diablo 3 present from 1.0.8 version and is Skeleton type of monster. On the same map are other unique monsters such as Carrion Bat Firestarter (Burn to a Cinder), Unburied Cudgelarm (Undead Mauler). It is needed to acomplish achievements: A Unique Collection. It appears in the form of bounty called "Kill Merrium Skullthorn" in the location Cathedral Level 2 in act 1. There are also other unique monsters of Skeleton type in the game - Caretaker Mccree (Deceased Mustachioed Groundskeeper) in Cathedral Garden location.

How to find Merrium Skullthorn in Diablo 3:

Use Cathedral Garden checkpoint and go through Leoric's Passage to Cathedral Level 2. Check entire location - if he didn't spawn return to town and restart game.
Act: 1
Location: Cathedral Level 2
Appearance: Random
Monster type: Skeleton
Other unique monsters of type Skeleton: Caretaker Mccree (Deceased Mustachioed Groundskeeper) [Cathedral Garden]
Game mode: Campaign/Adventure mode
Can be found as bounty: Yes
Bounty name: Kill Merrium Skullthorn
Other unique monsters in same location: Unburied Cudgelarm (Undead Mauler), Carrion Bat Firestarter (Burn to a Cinder)
Found in version: 1.0.8
Achievements in which appears:
- A Unique Collection

A Unique Collection
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