Unique monsters - Act 1 >> Larson the Strange
PL: Larson Dziwak
DE: Larson der Seltsame

Larson the Strange

(Eater of Vegetables)

Larson the StrangeLarson the Strange
Larson the Strange is located in act 1 and can be found in Old Tristram Road location. In Diablo 3 present from 1.0.8, 2.0.1 version and is Risen type of monster. On the same map are other unique monsters such as Lord Mathieu (The Berger of Tristram), Lord Stuart (Pedant Extraordinaire), Risen Ebenezer Samuel (Deceased Scribe). There are also other unique monsters of Risen type in the game - Marko (And Now He's Dead) in Mass Grave location, Farnham (The Drunk) in Damp Cellar location, Morris Jacobs (Deceased Artisan) in Musty Cellar location, Latimorr Edgars (Hunger of the Damned) in Mass Grave location, Ebenezer Samuel (Deceased Scribe) in Old Tristram Road location, Aaron Bright (Deceased Bard) in Cathedral Garden location.

How to find Larson the Strange in Diablo 3:

Search whole location.
Act: 1
Location: Old Tristram Road
Appearance: Random
Monster type: Risen
Other unique monsters of type Risen: Aaron Bright (Deceased Bard) [Cathedral Garden], Ebenezer Samuel (Deceased Scribe) [Old Tristram Road ], Latimorr Edgars (Hunger of the Damned) [Mass Grave], Morris Jacobs (Deceased Artisan) [Musty Cellar], Farnham (The Drunk) [Damp Cellar], Marko (And Now He's Dead) [Mass Grave]
Game mode: Campaign/Adventure mode
Other unique monsters in same location: Risen Ebenezer Samuel (Deceased Scribe), Lord Stuart (Pedant Extraordinaire), Lord Mathieu (The Berger of Tristram)
Found in version: 1.0.8, 2.0.1
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