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Khalim's Will

Ancient Ethereal Flail
Account Bound

+[1368-1875] Lightning Damage
+[825-1000] Strength
Increases Attack Speed by [12-15]%
Critical Hit Chance Increased by [7.0-10.0]%
[20.271-23.950] Life per Hit
+100% damage to all Crusaders skills
Reduces cooldown of all skills by [7.0-10.0]%
Increases Wrath Regeneration by [1.8-2.0] per Second (Crusader Only)
Ignores Durability Loss

+1 random legendary power
+1 random passive power

Khalim, the Que-Hegan of Travincal, was incorruptible, and his spirit will never rest until the Lord of Terror is vanquished for all time.