PL: Chciwość
DE: Gier


(Baroness of the Vault)


Can be found in Treasure Realm to which portal opens randomly after killing goblin. The portal can also be opened by placing the Puzzle Ring in the Kanai Cube. If the ring is ancient or primal ancient, the treasury will contain more goblins, respectively. There are always at least three goblins in the standard vault. Greed attacks mainly with melee attacks, but can also charge. During the fight, can summon ordinary goblins. After killing, a huge chest falls on it. In early version had description "Baroness Of The Treasure Realm".
Greed is located in act 5 and can be found in The Inner Sanctum location. In Diablo 3 present from RoS 2.1 version.

How to find Greed in Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls:

Hunt goblins till you find portal or use Puzzle Ring :)
Act: 5
Location: The Inner Sanctum
Game mode: Campaign/Adventure mode
Found in version: RoS 2.1
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