Diablo 3 - Season 17 - Wizard Tal Rasha Meteor GR 127+ build guide - Patch 2.6.5

This is currently one of my favorite builds in the game and it's actually the build that I ran throughout season 15 so I'm absolutely psyched that in season 16 it's going to be a ton more powerful. Thanks to the balance changes now season 16 is the season of grandeur everyone gets for free the effect of the Ring of Royal Grandeur but that's only for seasoned characters. For non-seasonal you won't gain that effect so I will give the options for both season and non season. What you're gonna include as items if you're running the seasonal variant and if you're not what you can deform to now this build is a Tal Rasha meteor build not the arcane meteor but the fire meteor which is a little bit weaker, but in my opinion a lot more fun to run. It's also a hell of a lot more forgiving. So in this video we'll cover the items and the gear that you need to rock this build.

Let's begin with an overview of the gear you'll want.

The full six piece bonus of the Tal Rasha sent in season 16 that means equipping five pieces but the pieces you'll want helm, chest, gloves, belt, pants and if you're running on season amulet. The two-piece bonus doesn't do a whole lot for us but the four-piece bonus makes it such that any time we attack with an elemental skill our resistances increase by 25%. This effect lasts eight seconds and for each of the four elements were capable of casting we will get a subsequent buff. Now you may be wondering well 25 times four elements that's 100 percent damage resistance. Does I mean we're gonna be immune to damage. Nope, that's not how damage resistance stacks. To put it very simply let's say you have one source of damage resistance that gives you 50% damage resistance and then you gain another source of damage resistance that gives you another 50. You're not reaching a hundred but you're gonna reach 75. In other words they're gaining 50% damage resistance to the remaining 50% that you're still vulnerable to. Then the six piece bonus basically does the same thing but for your damage. He gives you a big damage buff every time you cast a spell an attack spell of a particular element. So with Tal Rasha builds it's all about balancing elements you want four different elemental attack skills. Now the buffs from both the four and the six piece set bonuses last eight seconds. However for the six piece bonus in order to refresh the duration all you have to do is basically keep casting two different elemental attacks. In practice this will mean channeling with your main attack skill and occasionally popping a second skill. However while this refreshes your damage bonus it does not refresh your defense bonus. So ideally once every eight seconds you'll still want to be popping one of each of your four attack skills in order to maintain your defense buff. But if you want to focus on just DPS and you don't mind your defenses dropping a bit then again with a six-piece you can just be standing in place channeling popping your second skill occasionally. And you may particularly want to do this if you're in the midst of a convention rotation and you don't want to miss any damage in that damaged window. Now because this is a channeling build we're gonna need a few supporting items. Starting with the Mantle of Channeling we're gonna deal more damage and take less damage while we are channeling. We're gonna combine that with an Etched Sigil while we're channeling the damage of our arcane spenders is increased and every second we're casting one of our damaging arcane spenders. Now because of this anytime you're using an Edge Sigil build it's very important that you control which skill is being activated by this. So you want to have only one spender that is being activated. Because Diablo 3 is all about focusing the damage of one single skill so if you're diluting that with two or more different spenders then you are not being optimal. In this case meteor is the skill that's why we're gaining Nilfur's Boast boast huge damage buff to our meteor skill. We're also going to combine this with a Death Wish. While we're channeling more damage than for even more damage. We're working in a Convention of Elements we want to take advantage of that fire rotation or if you're going with the arcane variant you can go with arcane. But you want to make sure that when that window is open you are sitting there channeling, dealing damage. Now if you're not running seasonal you'll also want a Unity. This is of course only for solo play and only if you can put a unity on your follower along with a token that makes your follower invulnerable. For party play go with a Stone of Jordan for more damage. But if it's season 16 then what you're gonna want actually is a Compass Rose and a Travelers Pledge. This two piece set makes it such that when you are standing still you deal more damage and when you are moving you take less damage. To further focus on our defenses will want Ashnagarr's Blood Bracer. This will increase the potency of our shields and we're gonna be working some shields into this built. In our cube we want the Grand Vizier, another huge damage buff to meteor. For toughness we're gonna want an Aquila Cuirass in the cube and a Halo of Karini for more damage mitigation.

Let's take a look at our skills.

So our bread-and-butter Meteor Meteor Shower. Will also on Ray of Frost Cold Blood. This will be our main channeling skill because it's arcane power cost is only 11. We want to maintain our bonus from the Aquila Cuirass so we want to do as much as possible to reduce our channeling costs. We want to maintain as much resource as possible. Next we'll take Teleport Calamity on an 11 second cooldown. The reason we're taking Calamity is because this will be our source of arcane damage. Because we're taking the Halo of Karini we need to take Storm Armor to benefit from the damage reduction vent the Halo of Karini bestows. And we're taking Power of the Storm because it reduces the arcane power cost of skills by three while the shield is active. And again we're trying to maintain over 90 percent arcane powers so that we can benefit from the damage resistance of the Aquila Cuirass. Then we're taking Magic Weapon Deflection. Magic Weapon is a great damage buff for wizards and the Deflection rune gives us a shield which will be buffed by our Ashnagarr's Blood Bracer. Then lastly we're taking Arcane Torrent Static Discharge. Up to this point we had three of our four elements covered fire from a meteor, cold from our main channeling power, arcane from our Teleport and Static Discharge gives us a source of elemental damage that is not triggered by our Edge Sigil. Because this is another channeling skill so we're gonna be channeling Ray of Frost all the time and occasionally popping Arcane Torrent. On to our passives we're gonna take Audacity - dealing more damage to enemies within 15 yards. We'll take Illusionist - when we take more than 15% of our maximum life of damage within one second it resets the cooldown on Teleport. This helps us get out of a sticky situation when we need to. We're gonna take Galvanizing Ward - this gives us a shield that is buffed by Ashnagarr's Blood Bracer. Then lastly you have the option between taking Unstable Anomaly for that extra life or you can go with Dominance that gives us yet another shield which again will be buffed by Ashnagarr's Blood Bracer. Which you choose is up to you Dominance gives you more toughness to prevent you from dying all together whereas Unstable Anomaly basically erases one death per 60 seconds.

All right let's go back to the gear and we'll go over exactly what you want on every piece of gear.

And again in the video description is where we'll have the link to the d3 planner with simulated gear with idealized stats. For your shoulders you want intelligence, vitality, life and area damage. Wherever you can on your gear try to squeeze any secondary resistance. For your helm intelligence, crit chance, meteor damage. Then in the socket you can go with either an amethyst for the life or you can go with a topaz for more resource cost reduction. Particularly if you feel that you are not maintaining enough resource enough arcane power to benefit from your Aquila then definitely go for a topaz. There for your amulet fire, crit chance, crit damage. For your gloves intelligence, crit chance, crit damage, area damage. For your chest intelligence, vitality, attack speed. Then if you already have an amethyst you'd probably want to go with armor, if you do not have an amethyst than life percent. More specifically if you already have three sources of life percent then you'd want to go with armor. Shoulders, belt and amethyst would be three sources. For your bracers you want fire, intelligence, vitality and crit chance. For your belt intelligence, vitality, life percent, armor. For your pants intelligence, vitality and armor. For your boots intelligence, vitality, armor, meteor damage. For your rings crit chance, crit damage, area damage and then if you have a Compass Rose intelligence. For your Edged Sigil damage, intelligence, crit chance, arcane power on crit - very important to maintaining maximum resource - then lastly area damage. And then for your weapon intelligence, percent damage, area damage.

For your legendary gems.

You want a Bane of the Trapped - best damage gem in the game. You'll want Taeguk, more damage, more toughness while channeling. Then lastly Bane of the Powerful or Bane of the Stricken. Now you swap to a Bane of the Stricken when it's taking you too long to kill rift guardians. Most people swap to a Bane to the Stricken way too early. Bane of the Powerful is very useful and as long as you are still benefiting from its damage buff which in my case here at just rank 91 is lasting two minutes as long as that damage buff does not fall off it's still beneficial. Once you've killed your first elite Bane of the Powerful should be helping you throughout the rest of the rift, whereas with the Bane of the Stricken it resets on every enemy you attack and you have to build up stacks. Before you're even reaching the same amount of damage buff at the Bane of the Powerful is giving you and then you have to make up for lost time. In my experience even at greater rift 100 I was still benefiting more from my Bane of the Powerful than Bane of the Stricken. But your mileage may vary and of course this changes on a per build basis.

As for Paragon points.

You want to get your total move speed up to 25% then dump everything into intelligence. For offense you want to keep your total crit chance and crit damage at a 1 to 10 ratio then dumped into cooldown and then attack speed. For defense life percent, armor, all resists, life regen. For utility life per hit, resource cost reduction, area damage, gold find.

Guide by Rhykker.
Under the Creative Commons BY license.

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