Unique monsters list in act 5

Alphabetical list of unique monsters in act 5.
Name Description Location
Adria The Witch The Great Hall
Almash the Grizzly The Great Trapper Paths of the Drowned
Amok the Breaker Siegelord Pandemonium Fortress Level 2
Ankou Scourge Of Sanctuary Briarthorn Cemetery
Arcuss Guardian of Ice Ruins of Corvus
Arthur Incinerated Bookstore Merchant Cozy Bookstore
Baethus Terror of Pandemonium Battlefields of Eternity
Balata Ball of the Scarab Ruins of Corvus
Ballartrask the Defiler Blood Executioner Pandemonium Fortress Level 2
Barg the Elder Ancient Armor Hunter The Crag of Eternity
Bari Bairi Conjuror of Death Passage To Corvus
Bari Hattar Foul Blood Majiks Ruins of Corvus
Bari Moqqu The Reanimator Ruins of Corvus
Baron Slothschild Hereditary Fortune The Vault
Bear Boesky Forbidden Knowledge The Vault
Beleth Immortal of the Storm Pandemonium Fortress Level 2
Belphegor Siege Runekeeper Path of War
Bertram Thistwhistle The Silent Bandit Ransacked Dwelling
Bloone The Lost Blood Servant Realm Of The Banished
Blorth Prisoner Pandemonium Fortress Level 1
Bonefire Searing Summoned Skeletal Beast Alley Of Embers
Borgoth The Lost Demon Realm Of The Banished
Brent Brewington Thieves Guild Underboss Guild Hideout Level 1
Burrask the Tunneler Devourer of Demons Battlefields of Eternity
Buttercup Don't Touch the Horses, They Bite Gideon's Row
Captain Gerber Battleslain Soldier Westmarch Commons
Captain Shely Merciless Battle Guard Westmarch Heights
Captain Tollifer Slain Officer Westmarch Commons
Catharis Matron of Crucibles Nobles' Rest Courtyard
Celik Shrouded in Shadow Pandemonium Fortress Level 2
Champion of Strategems Dungeon Of Uliana's Strategem
Charok Sorcerer's Room
Clawgane The Mountain Westmarch Heights
Cornelius Panderbilt The Commodore The Vault
Crazed Man Greyhollow Island
Dale Hawthorne Deadeye Archer Westmarch Commons
Denis Genest Thieves Guild Underboss Guild Hideout Level 1
Dieyno the Warlock Eye of the Graeae Plague Tunnels Level 1
Dread Stalker Greater Terror Demon Crumbling Bunker
Drygha Conjurer of Death Gideon's Row
Elgorath The Corpselord Invaded House
Emikdeva The Prisoner Battlefields of Eternity
Ennyo the Warlock Eye of the Graeae Plague Tunnels Level 1
Enoch White Thieves Guild Assassin Edlin's Cell
Erdith Lady of Death Briarthorn Cemetery
Erelus Forgotten Elder Angel The Crag of Eternity
Eremiel Chilling Reaper Briarthorn Cemetery
Esiel Guardian of Malthael Pandemonium Fortress Level 2
Fangbite Winged Blood Drinker Paths of the Drowned
Fearby the Prowler Ferocious Mongrel Brother Westmarch Heights
Fharzula Imperial Executioner Ancient Tower Study
Fohsgrave The Usurper Vile Reaper Tustine's Brewery
Friedrich Bartholomew The Tormented Dead Briarthorn Cemetery
Funerus Briarthorn Cemetery
Getzlord The Fist Westmarch Commons
Ghrentuloth Massive Ambusher Westmarch Heights
Goldenfingers Has Oddjob The Vault
Gorgon Gekko Greed is Good The Vault
Gorrel Turncoat Wynton Courtyard
Gout Foot Johnson Bum Footed Thief Briarthorn Cemetery
Gozmol Brutish Bogan Hunter Paths of the Drowned
Grand Maester First of the Order Templar Outpost
Gravitus Grave Lord Briarthorn Cemetery
Greed Baroness of the Vault The Inner Sanctum
Grotescor The Lost Worm Realm Of The Banished
Gruewl Bogan Overlord Winding Cave
Hakkajar War Leader of the Lost Legion Hideout of the Lost Legion
Hamish The Madman House of Madness
Harpagon Avaricious Hoarder The Vault
Haziael The Lost Angel Realm Of The Banished
Hed Monh Ton The Sasquatchean Greyhollow Island
Hedros The Black Death Briarthorn Cemetery
Herald to the Queen Hoofin' It Random
Hyadures Last of the Seven Pandemonium Fortress Level 1
Igor Stalfos Mighty Fallen Warrior Westmarch Commons
Inquisitor Sebacious The First Torturer Lord Pandemonium Fortress Level 2
Ixatla Hive Queen Battlefields of Eternity
Jonathan Muddlemore The Funky Phantom Westmarch Commons
Judge Alzarius Pandemonium Fortress Level 1
Kalmor Last of the Ancients Passage To Corvus
Kasadya Conjurer of Death Zakarum Cathedral
Katherine Batts The Bell Witch Westmarch Commons
Keeper Hashemel Infested Ruins
Knasher the Depraved Imprisoned Demon Pandemonium Fortress Level 2
Koghar Comrade of Nashok's The Hunter's Den
Korchoroth Siege Runekeeper Battlefields of Eternity
Kroisos Rich as Myself The Vault
Krusk Vengeance is Mercy Battlefields of Eternity
Kube Bringer of Storms Westmarch Heights
Kurekas Imprisoned Demon Lord Battlefields of Eternity
Lacocious the Diseased Lord of the Vermin Plague Tunnels Level 1
Lady Ansonia Angry Spirit House of Corpses
Lady Victoria The Doomed Woman House of Deep Sorrow
Larvus Rotting Maggot Spawn Winding Cave
Lashing Creeper Perilous Cave Level 1
Lograth The Guillotine Pandemonium Fortress Level 1
Lord Darius Brenden Corrupt Noble Westmarch Commons
Lord Kertis Restless Lord of the Marsh Paths of the Drowned
Lord Wynton The Usurper Clyfton Hall
Lu'ca Blight Beast Putrid Hovel
Lupin Pack Leader Sharpe's Cove
Lurk The Infamous Skinner of Westmarch Paths of the Drowned
Lythan the Exiled Cursed Angel Briarthorn Cemetery
M'Dukkan Invoker of the Lost Legion Hideout of the Lost Legion
Mad Den Mother Diseased Host Greyhollow Island
Mad Hoff Ponzi the Younger The Vault
Maggotburst Caverns of Luray Level 2
Magnar Betrayer of Rakkis Paths of the Drowned
Magrethar The Lost Scavenger Realm Of The Banished
Maiden Lamiel The Pandemonium Gate
Maiden of Flame Firestarter Westmarch Heights
Maiden of Flame 2 Firestarter Westmarch Heights
Maiden of Flame 3 Firestarter Westmarch Heights
Malgash Evil Brute Passage To Corvus
Malthael The Angel of Death Heart of the Fortress
Matanzas the Loathsome Wielder of Elements Westmarch Commons
Mekhare Unholy Bloodseeker Perilous Cave Level 1
Meriel Regodon Thieves Guild Underboss Guild Hideout Level 1
Miasma Guardian of Pestilence Ruins of Corvus
Micheboar The Bane of Westmarch Westmarch Heights
Minra Plague Victim Briarthorn Cemetery
Moggra Brood Mother Perilous Cave Level 2
Mordrath Gate Defense Captain The Ram
Morghum the Beast Collector of Skulls Blood Marsh
Mort Duke The Younger One The Vault
Mounty Burns Etherweight The Vault
Mourdred Beast of the Cave Perilous Cave Level 1
Mulliuqs the Horrid Timeless Overlord Ancient Ruins of Dholmour
Mydas Golden Touch The Vault
Nak Brekthar The Disemboweler Passage To Corvus
Nak Qujin Dark Dweller Ruins of Corvus
Nak Sarugg Relentless Blood Fiend Ruins of Corvus
Nashok Koghar's Partner The Hunter's Den
Nikkorax Converted Innkeeper Haunted Inn
Obsidious Seeker of Forgotten Treasures Battlefields of Eternity
Pan Fezbane Lord of the Cone Westmarch Heights
Paolillus Lady of Darkness Pandemonium Fortress Level 2
Peleil Warden of the Firestorm Plague Tunnels Level 2
Pemphrido the Warlock Eye of the Graeae Plague Tunnels Level 1
Phyneus The Growler Ferocious Mongrel Brother Westmarch Commons
Pontius The Conjurer Westmarch Commons
Ponzi Pyramid Builder The Vault
Purah Conjuror of the Dead Briarthorn Cemetery
Pyresh Guardian of Fire Ruins of Corvus
Quorel The Bogfather Blood Marsh
Raekors Wrath Dungeon Of The Legacy Of Raekor
Razael the Feared Shadow's Bane Pandemonium Fortress Level 1
Realmwalker Planar Guardian Battlefields of Eternity
Rejakka Scout of the Lost Legion Hideout of the Lost Legion
Rekkar Siege Runekeeper Battlefields of Eternity
Revelor Manslayer House Of Screams
Rezenebe Scruuge Haunted by Seasonal Ghosts The Vault
Rockulus The Stonecrusher Battlefields of Eternity
Rogoth The Eternal Occupied Ruins
Rolph Duke The Older One The Vault
Sartor Magnetic Monster Battlefields of Eternity
Scarnax Guardian of the Tomb Ruins of Corvus
Scythys Shroud of Darkness Pandemonium Fortress Level 1
Senahde Caster of the Deep Tidal Cave Level 1
Seraziel Guardian of Malthael Pandemonium Fortress Level 2
Severag The Lost Demon Rider Realm Of The Banished
Shadow Servant Dungeon Of The Shadow's Mantle
Sharpclaw Pack Leader Battlefields of Eternity
Sister Lysa Corrupted Enchantress Lair of the Prophet Level 2
Skeetch the Hoarder Bogan Treasure Guardian Bogan Warren
Slarth the Tunneler Devourer of Angels Battlefields of Eternity
Slinger The Trap Master Paths of the Drowned
Sorenae Reaper Pandemonium Fortress Level 1
Soul Scavenger Heart of Stone Pandemonium Fortress Level 1
Sprynter Enemy of the Foote Clan Vermin Alley
Sumaryss the Damned Lord of Anguish Westmarch Heights
Tadardya The Night Flyer Paths of the Drowned
Targerious Master of the Dark Arts Briarthorn Cemetery
Tarthess Descendant of the Ardanocs Occupied Ruins
Templeton Gluttonous Vermin Plague Tunnels Level 1
The Cow Queen Bovine Potentate Not the Cow Level
The Succulent Meaty Crustacean Tidal Cave Level 1
The Wickerman Paths of the Drowned
Theodosia Buhre Lost Spirit Westmarch Heights
Therk Urzael's Vengeance Westmarch Commons
Thilor Master Of The Ram The Siege Outpost
Trejiak Skulking Skeletal Captain Westmarch Heights
Troven Treasure Guardian Ruins of Corvus
Tyloss Lannister Always Pays his Debts The Vault
Urgrek the Bodger Lord of the Hill Paths of the Drowned
Urzael Harbinger Of Death Tower Of Korelan
Uzkez the Annihilator Reaper The Killing Floor
Valoelle Order of the Deathlight Westmarch Commons
Valtesk the Cruel Guardian of the Dark Pandemonium Fortress Level 1
Vek Dahyrn Blood Guard Fighter Ruins of Corvus
Vek Marru Bloodseeker Passage To Corvus
Vek Tabok The Befouler Passage To Corvus
Vekriss Sworn of Dirgest Unearthed Ruins Level 2
Verlix The Engorged Perilous Cave Level 2
Vilepaw The Slasher Paths of the Drowned
Virgil Cutthroat Bandit Leader Ransacked Dwelling
Volux the Forgotten Demon Lord The Crag of Eternity
Vosk The Vengeful Tyrant Passage To Corvus
Wahr Guardian of Strength Ruins of Corvus
Watareus Matriarch of Armageddon Battlefields of Eternity
Wrath Dealer Dungeon Of The Wrath Of The Wastes
Xaphane Merciless Angel Pandemonium Fortress Level 2
Xoren Guardian of Malthael Pandemonium Fortress Level 2
Yellow Ledbiter I Want To Wish It All Away Briarthorn Cemetery
Yergacheph The Unforgiving Westmarch Commons
Yomeeh Crypt Reaper Briarthorn Cemetery
Yorkathraxx Reanimator of the Lifeless Passage To Corvus
Zalud Guardian of Malthael Pandemonium Fortress Level 2
Zanthek Prisoner Pandemonium Fortress Level 1
Zorrus The Plaguebringer Pandemonium Fortress Level 2