Unique monsters list in act 1

Alphabetical list of unique monsters in act 1.
Name Description Location
Aaron Bright Deceased Bard Cathedral Garden
Alabaster Fury Dungeon Of The Grace Of Inarius
Armorer's Bane Harrower of Filth Watch Tower Level 2
Arsect the Venomous Instiller of Fetid Decay Caverns of Araneae
Battlerage the Plagued Poisonous Berserker Halls of Agony Level 1
Baxtrus Organizer of Evil Royal Quarters
Bellybloat the Scarred Infected Monstrosity Cathedral Level 4
Blightrot The Festering Dead The Weeping Hollow
Bludgeonskull the Mauler Blood and Bone Halls of Agony Level 1
Boneslag the Berserker Brutish Thug Halls of Agony Level 3
Boyarsk Soothsayer Royal Quarters
Brakan Vizier of the Coven Highlands Cave
Braluk Grimlow Gorged Undead Brother Cathedral Level 1
Branum Talks Softly Fields of Misery
Brother Karel Ancient Nephalem Guardian Drowned Temple
Brother Larel Ancient Nephalem Keeper Drowned Temple
Brother Moek Ancient Nephalem Defender Drowned Temple
Buras the Impaler Fiery Warrior Southern Highlands
Burrow Bile Mauler of the Fields Forlorn Farm
Cadhul the Deathcaller Shepherd of Defilement Southern Highlands
Captain Cage Commander of the Dead Cathedral Level 4
Captain Clegg Former Captain of the Guard The Royal Crypts
Captain Daltyn Former Captain of the Guard The Hidden Cellar
Caretaker Mccree Deceased Mustachioed Groundskeeper Cathedral Garden
Champion of Thorns Dungeon Of The Thorns Of The Invoker
Chancellor Eamon Astral Guardian Chancellor's Tomb
Charchian Carries big stick Fields of Misery
Charger The Ground Shall Tremble Fields of Misery
Chupa Khazra Shade of the Outlands Ancient Pyre
Crassus the Tormentor Coven Master of Torture Halls of Agony Level 1
Creampuff Somewhere Over the Rainbow Whimsyshire
Cudgelarm Undead Mauler Cathedral Level 2
Cultist Grand Inquisitor Master of Pain Halls of Agony Level 1
Dargon Traitorous Cur Highlands Passage
Dataminer Unearths Spoils Defiled Crypt - fake version
Digger O'Dell Must be shoveling off Defiled Crypt - fake version
Dreadclaw the Leaper Rodent of Unusual Size Fields of Misery
Drury Brown Thief of Bones Defiled Crypt - real version
Ebenezer Samuel Deceased Scribe Old Tristram Road
Elemental Heretic Dungeon Of Tal Rasha's Elements
Enkidu Nephalem Traitor The Festering Woods
Enmerkar Ancient Hero The Festering Woods
Evil Oliver A Subsidiary of Happy Company Whimsyshire
Ezek the Prophet Ancient Nephalem Champion Drowned Temple
Farnham The Drunk Damp Cellar
Father Rathe Defiled Patriarch Decaying Crypt Level 2
Fecklar's Ghost Horror of the Shadows The Festering Woods
Firestarter Burn to a Cinder Cathedral Level 2
Galush Valdant Festering Skeleton The Festering Woods
Garrach the Afflicted Gorger of Bile Halls of Agony Level 3
Gharbad the Strong Baneful Impaler Ancient Pyre
Glidewing Carrier of Death Cathedral Level 1
Gobbulard Bearer of Death The Weeping Hollow
Gorathra Sarkoth's Mate Musty Cellar
Grimsmack Stover of Heads The Festering Woods
Growler Beast of the Fields Fields of Misery
Hannes Bounty Hunter Royal Quarters
Hawthorne Gable Vengeful Spirit The Festering Woods
Headcleaver Royal Executioner Leoric's Passage
Helltooth Provocatuer Dungeon Of The Helltooth Harness
Horrus the Nightstalker Rage of the Damned The Weeping Hollow
Hrugowl the Defiant Tribe of the Cursed Bloodclan Northern Highlands
Jay Wilson Game Director Development Hell
Jezeb the Conjuror Cultist Beast Caller Leoric's Manor
Johanys Skeletal Architect Royal Quarters
John Gorham Coffin Resurrectionist Defiled Crypt - real version
Jondar Necromancer Betrayer Cathedral Level 3
Josh Mosqueira Game Director Development Hell
Jovians Royal Bodyguard Royal Quarters
Killaire Team Unicorn Whimsyshire
Killian Damort Deadeye Archer Cathedral Level 4
Krailen the Wicked Reviled Beast Summoner Leoric's Manor
Krelm the Flagitious Brutish Oaf Fields of Misery
Larson the Strange Eater of Vegetables Old Tristram Road
Latimorr Edgars Hunger of the Damned Mass Grave
Little Jebby Rathe Defiled Progeny Decaying Crypt Level 2
Lloigor the Crazed Demented Conjurer Cathedral Level 4
Logrut the Warrior Fierce Moon Clan Fighter Highlands Crossing, Southern Highlands
Lord Brone Cruel Master of the Wood The Festering Woods
Lord Dunhyld Phantom of Anguish Defiled Crypt - fake version
Lord Mathieu The Berger of Tristram Old Tristram Road
Lord Stuart Pedant Extraordinaire Old Tristram Road
Lorzak the Powerful Bearer of Frost Southern Highlands
Lucious the Depraved Thief of Corpses Cemetery of the Forsaken
Lyeless Walks Softly Fields of Misery
Maester Gnaeus Brother of the Inquisition The Weeping Hollow
Maester Julius Brother of the Inquisition The Weeping Hollow
Maester Licinius Brother of the Inquisition The Weeping Hollow
Maisie the Daisy Pretty Little Flower Whimsyshire
Mange Vicious Infected Beast The Weeping Hollow
Manglemaw Horror of the Crypt Defiled Crypt Level 2
Marko And Now He's Dead Mass Grave
Maulin Sorely Team Unicorn Whimsyshire
Melmak the Swift Quick as Lightning Fields of Misery
Merrium Skullthorn Plagued Skeletal Fighter Cathedral Level 2
Midnight Sparkle Nightmare is Magic Whimsyshire
Mira Eamon Wife of Haedrig Cellar of the Damned
Miss Hell Team Unicorn Whimsyshire
Morgan LeDay The other One Royal Quarters
Morris Jacobs Deceased Artisan Musty Cellar
Mother Rathe Defiled Matriarch Decaying Crypt Level 2
Nalghban the Foul Dark Moon Clan Elder Shaman Karyna's Lost Wagon
Nevaz Bringer of Truth Halls of Agony Level 3
Nigel Cutthroat Thieves Guild Assassin The Old Mill
Nightmarity Generosity in Death Whimsyshire
Odeg the Keywarden of Regret Evasive Khazra Brute Fields of Misery
Penny Lootbottoms Lost Love of Thomas Gerber Cemetery of the Forsaken
Percepeus Follower of the Yellow God Leoric's Hunting Grounds
Princess Lilian Divine Gifts Whimsydale
Princess Stardust Be Careful What You Wish For Whimsyshire
Queen Araneae The Shadow Weaver Chamber of Queen Araneae
Qurash the Reviled Plaguespinner Caverns of Araneae
R'Lyeh Team Unicorn Whimsyshire
Rad'noj Necromancer Betrayer The Royal Crypts
Ragus Grimlow Gorged Undead Brother Cathedral Level 1
Rathlin the Widowmaker Plagueweaver Caverns of Araneae
Ravi Lilywhite Passionate Player The Weeping Hollow
Red Rock Heart of Fire Southern Highlands
Reggrel the Despised Tribe of the Cursed Bloodclan Northern Highlands
Rockmaw Devourer of the Deep Scavenger's Den Level 2
Sarella the Vile Cruel Servant of the Coven Leoric's Manor Courtyard
Sarkoth Hoarder of Treasure Dank Cellar
Shanabi Fortune Hoarder Lost Mine Level 2
Sicklefang Scourge of the Harvest Forsaken Grounds
Sir William Happiness Hugs Whimsyshire
Skehlinrath Lightning Bringer Southern Highlands
Skeleton King Mad King of Tristram Crypt of the Skeleton King
Snoglatch Grimwield Recluse Clan Shaman Highlands Crossing, Southern Highlands
Sotnob the Fool Leoric's Royal Jester Halls of Agony Level 2
Spatharii Royal Bodyguard Royal Quarters
Super Awesome Sparkle Cake Cute Instakill Pony Whimsyshire
Tartus Jailer of Souls Defiled Crypt
Teffeney Mistress of Tasks The Weeping Hollow
The Butcher Flesh Carver Chamber of Suffering
The Foul Desecrator Gaping Maw of Hell Realm of Chaos, Realm of Fright
The King Of The Dead Mockery of Life Realm of Discord, Realm of Fright
The Merciless Witch Soulless Heathen Realm of Discord, Realm of Fright
The Old Man Rooter of Corpses The Secluded Grove
The Savage Behemoth Unrelenting Devastator Realm of Terror, Realm of Fright
The Soul Of Evil Unstoppable Hatred Realm of Fright
The Undying One Depraved Zealot Realm of Terror, Realm of Fright
The Vile Executioner Vicious Blademaster Realm of Chaos, Realm of Fright
The Warden Head Jailer of King Leoric The Cursed Hold
Theodyn Deathsinger Divine Evil Leoric's Hunting Grounds
Tormented Behemoth Horror of the Pit Halls of Agony Level 2
Tortured Soul The Doom Scholar The Lyceum
Treefist Woodhead Dumb as a Stump Halls of Agony Level 3
Tubbers The Lost One Whimsyshire
Urik the Seer Prophet of Torture Khazra Den
Urzel Mordreg Dark Hierophant Wortham
Vengeance Guardian Dungeon Of Natalya's Vengeance
Venimite Tiny and Deadly Caverns of Araneae
Walloon Royal Bodyguard Royal Quarters
Wretched Queen First Handmaiden of the Queen The Old Ruins
Zhelobb the Venomous Broodspawn of the Queen Caverns of Araneae