Unique monsters - Act 4 >> Monkey Guardian
PL: Małpi Strażnik
DE: Wächter des Affens

Monkey Guardian

Monkey GuardianMonkey Guardian
Monkey Guardian is located in act 4 and can be found in Dungeon Of The Monkey King's Garb location. In Diablo 3 present from 2.4.0 version and is Punisher type of monster. There are also other unique monsters of Punisher type in the game - King's Guardian in Dungeon Of The Immortal King's Call location, Josh Mosqueira - Rift Boss (Reaper of 'Soles) in Nephalem Rift location, Therk (Urzael's Vengeance) in Westmarch Commons location, Uzkez the Annihilator (Reaper) in The Killing Floor location, Ankou (Scourge Of Sanctuary) in Briarthorn Cemetery location, Ghrentuloth (Massive Ambusher) in Westmarch Heights location, Micheboar (The Bane of Westmarch) in Westmarch Heights location.

How to find Monkey Guardian in Diablo 3:

Finish Set Dungeon.
Act: 4
Location: Dungeon Of The Monkey King's Garb
Appearance: Set Dungeon
Monster type: Punisher
Other unique monsters of type Punisher: Micheboar (The Bane of Westmarch) [Westmarch Heights], Ghrentuloth (Massive Ambusher) [Westmarch Heights], Ankou (Scourge Of Sanctuary) [Briarthorn Cemetery], Uzkez the Annihilator (Reaper) [The Killing Floor], Therk (Urzael's Vengeance) [Westmarch Commons], Josh Mosqueira - Rift Boss (Reaper of 'Soles) [Nephalem Rift], King's Guardian [Dungeon Of The Immortal King's Call]
Game mode: Campaign/Adventure mode
Found in version: 2.4.0
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