PL: Iskatu
DE: Iskatu


(Minion of Diablo)


First of 4 bosses in act four of campaign. Rift guardian Orlash is Iskatu variant. Can't be found in adventure mode.
Iskatu is located in act 4 and can be found in The Vestibule of Light location. In Diablo 3 present from 1.0.8, 2.0.1 version and is Terror Demon type of monster. Can only be found in campaign mode. There are also other unique monsters of Terror Demon type in the game - Shadow Servant in Dungeon Of The Shadow's Mantle location, Malefactor Vephar (Tempest Of The Damned) in Besieged Tower Level 1 location, Orlash (Rift Guardian) in Nephalem Rift location, Inquisitor Sebacious (The First Torturer Lord) in Pandemonium Fortress Level 2 location, Dread Stalker (Greater Terror Demon) in Crumbling Bunker location, Nekarat the Keywarden of Fright (Seething Chaos) in The Silver Spire Level 1 location, Aspect of Terror (Diablo's Herald) in Gateway to the Silver Spire location.

How to find Iskatu in Diablo 3:

Play at 4 campaign mode.
Act: 4
Location: The Vestibule of Light
Appearance: Quest
Monster type: Terror Demon
Other unique monsters of type Terror Demon: Aspect of Terror (Diablo's Herald) [Gateway to the Silver Spire], Nekarat the Keywarden of Fright (Seething Chaos) [The Silver Spire Level 1], Dread Stalker (Greater Terror Demon) [Crumbling Bunker], Inquisitor Sebacious (The First Torturer Lord) [Pandemonium Fortress Level 2], Orlash (Rift Guardian) [Nephalem Rift], Malefactor Vephar (Tempest Of The Damned) [Besieged Tower Level 1], Shadow Servant [Dungeon Of The Shadow's Mantle]
Boss: Yes
Game mode: Campaign
Found in version: 1.0.8, 2.0.1
Other bosses in act 4:
- Diablo - location (The Prime Evil)
- Izual - location (The Betrayer)
- Rakanoth - location (Lord of Despair)
- Shadow of Diablo - location (Terror Phantasm)

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