Unique monsters - Act 2 >> Eternal Guardian
PL: Wieczny Strażnik
DE: Ewiger Wächter

Eternal Guardian

(Dark Horadric Construct)

Eternal GuardianEternal Guardian

Two of them protects Zoltun Kulle.
Eternal Guardian is located in act 2 and can be found in Soulstone Chamber location. In Diablo 3 present from 1.0.8 version and is Sand Dweller type of monster. On the same map are other unique monsters such as Zoltun Kulle (Dark Horadrim). There are also other unique monsters of Sand Dweller type in the game - Stonesinger (Rift Guardian) in Nephalem Rift location, Ernutet (Guardian of the Veiled Treasure) in Desolate Sands location, Ancient Guardian (Horadric Mage Construct) in The Forgotten Ruins location.

How to find Eternal Guardian in Diablo 3:

Start fight with Zoltun Kulle.
Act: 2
Location: Soulstone Chamber
Appearance: Quest
Monster type: Sand Dweller
Other unique monsters of type Sand Dweller: Ancient Guardian (Horadric Mage Construct) [The Forgotten Ruins], Ernutet (Guardian of the Veiled Treasure) [Desolate Sands], Stonesinger (Rift Guardian) [Nephalem Rift]
Game mode: Campaign/Adventure mode
Other unique monsters in same location: Zoltun Kulle (Dark Horadrim)
Found in version: 1.0.8
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