Best Games Prices (v.1.2)

Get all games prices in your browser. Over 20 shops and keyshops from all over the world. Check up to 10% coupons! Totally free, no ads! Buy smart!

You no longer need to search multiple sites, give other parties access to your Steam account, and make your profile public.

If you are an gamer, this add-on is perfect for you. Stop overpaying for games that can often be purchased much cheaper. You no longer have to browse dozens of pages or use comparison websites - now you will have all the offers in your browser, completely free and without advertising. Thanks to this add-on, when browsing games on Steam and other stores, you will immediately see where you can buy the cheapest game. In addition to the stores, you will also see a price comparison in keyshops. The attractiveness of the offers is additionally increased by coupons up to 10% !!!

PC games only.


Currencies: $, €, PLN
... and more in future


See all prices in game shops (HUD):
(Addon will automatically load when you enter dedicated game page)
... and more in future

How to use:
1) Decide if you want to buy form shop or keyshop. If you don't know what keyshops are be sure to read about them (games usualy are cheaper but there are some risks)
2) Click on shop logo which will open new page with selected shop
3) Check region restrictions
4) Add game to cart, check the price (see below)
5) If game has coupon you can click it and it will be copied to clipboard so you can paste it in cart
6) If everything is alright finish purchase
7) If you like this addon consider even small donation via PayPal

Development roadmap:
- integrate addon with more shops
- more prices from other shops
- more currencies support
- coupons visible in carts
- Steam wishlist integration

This addon will always be free.
If this addon made your life a bit easier and you want it to be further developed please make tiny donation, it would mean a lot to me.


Prices should be close to final ones but may differ due to service fees, taxes, payment fees, exchange rate etc.
ALWAYS check final price BEFORE finalising purchase.

This add-on makes no warranties whatsoever and does not recommend any retailers.
The presented data comes from generally accessible websites, are for reference only and should not be treated as an offer.
The user makes the purchase decision and bears full responsibility for it.
By using this addon you confirm that you read, understood and accepted everything on that page.

Privacy policy:
This add-on only stores the data required for operation (settings and search request cache).
All data is stored locally in browser so only You have access to it.
To keep the basics functionalities (obtain prices, coupons etc.) it gather data from other websites by sending requests containing only essential data like game name or store url.
These websites are not related with this addon and can store the same data as if you visited their site manually.